Guided Meditation: Relax in Divine Surrender

Enjoy a FREE Guided Meditation Audio Soundtrack

In an effort to make Islamic Meditation easy and accessible to all, even those who have never meditated before, we created an entire series of audio tracks that go with the Islamic Meditation Training Program.

Here, you can experience a sample of one of the many Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks included in the Program.

The benefits of daily meditation are innumerable and range from relieving stress, fear and anxiety, to increasing circulation, strengthening the immune system and catalyzing the healing response.

Simply 15-20 minutes per day is all it takes to begin reaping the rewards of a meditative spiritual practice.

As a free gift from us to you, enjoy this Guided Meditation Audio Soundtrack as a sample from the Islamic Meditation Program, which currently includes a total of 18 audio soundtracks in addition to six weeks of online education in Islamic Spirituality.

To properly experience the subtle frequencies of this Meditation Audio Soundtrack, please use a pair of headphones and sit comfortably. You will need about 20 minutes where you will not be disturbed.

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