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Greetings of Divine Peace and Light

My name is Ihsan and I would like to thank you for your interest in the Islamic Meditation Program.

The Islamic Meditation Program is an evolutionary leading-edge online training program designed to help you rediscover the divine depth and incomparable beauty of authentic Islamic Spirituality.

I look forward to welcoming you to this evolutionary educational portal and community where you will have the opportunity to master the art and science of Dhikr, the quintessential meditative spiritual practice, recommended above all else by the Holy Prophet (saws) and God Almighty.

The Islamic Meditation Program takes advantage of the latest developments in technology and content delivery to create a rich and robust personal development and spiritual growth training system that is designed to augment every aspect of your life.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will have the unique opportunity develop your personal spiritual practice and discover the profound and divine depths of Islamic Spirituality, while progressively developing deep inner peace and naturally attracting abundance, prosperity and success into all areas of your life.

Overwhelming Value and Zero Risk

The Islamic Meditation Program delivers overwhelming value, and we have an unparalleled 99% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING. This is literally unheard of in the industry.

Nevertheless, we want you to experience the unique and life-changing Islamic Meditation Program at absolutely ZERO RISK, and so we offer an unconditional COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership, simply let us know within 30 days and we'll happily refund your entire enrollment fee, no questions asked.


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I look forward to working with you!

To Your Divine Success,


Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

What is the Islamic Meditation Program?

Verily, in the Remembrance of God do hearts find tranquility.

— Surah ar-Rad (Holy Qur'an, 13:28)

A Revolutionary Online Training Program

What's Included in the Islamic Meditation Program?

The Islamic Meditation Program is a comprehensive Six-Week Online Training System that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time.

The entire program is accessible through a Private Member Site and includes weekly training modules that will guide you step-by-step into the proper practice and understanding of Islamic Meditation so that you can immediately begin experiencing the vast ocean of Islamic Spirituality.

The Islamic Meditation Program is available entirely as a digital program for instant access and includes several components.

  • An Exclusive Member Community Site
  • The Islamic Meditation Manual: Mastering the Art of Dhikr
  • Six Weeks of Online Video Training
  • Six Islamic Meditation Audio Soundtracks
  • Six Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks
  • Six Proprietary Heart Rhythm Meditation Audio Soundtracks
  • Instant Digital Delivery Anywhere in the World

And because the entire Islamic Meditation Program is accessed through a live online Member Site, we have the opportunity not only to continually add to and improve the Program, but also to interact with our Community and Members.

"Exactly What I've Been Looking For"

Wow, I must say, this is beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for. Well worth the investment!

It is a shame we have people asking for thousands and thousands to guide people like this.

Brother Ihsan, thank you for all your help. You have not only helped me, but my whole family. My wife and I will definitely be following this.

— Sinan (Australia)


Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

What are the Benefits of Islamic Meditation?

By learning how to effectively practice Islamic Meditation, in addition to developing spiritually and progressively drawing nearer to the Divine Presence of God, you will increasingly receive countless practical benefits.

The Islamic Meditation Program has been designed to enable you to begin getting dramatically improved results in the primary areas of your life.

Your Health and Wellness

Meditation is one of the most important things you can do for your physical health, and has been clearly shown through extensive research to help with nearly every type of physical condition, including arthritis and inflammation, hypertension and even autoimmune disorders.

Stress truly is the "silent killer," and when un-managed and unchecked, destroys your body from within. The constant release of stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine and adrenaline, although originally designed to elevate the "fight or flight" response to increase the chance of survival in a dangerous or hostile environment, over time compromises cellular function and eventually leads to debilitating health conditions as they literally undermine your body's ability to heal and repair itself.

A daily meditative spiritual practice is an absolutely invaluable tool in being able to manage the stresses and pressures of modern life, and in remaining balanced, calm, clear and confident in the often turbulent and chaotic demands we are now faced with.

With Islamic Meditation, you will exponentially cultivate and catalyze your healing potential by invigorating your body at the cellular level with Qudra, or Heavenly Divine Energy, which is always available and continually flows from the Divine Presence to nourish, sustain and support all life.

  • Catalyze and Augment Your Healing Potential
  • Increase the Production of Happiness Hormones
  • Nourish and Sustain Your Cells with Divine Light and Love
  • Experience a Far Better Quality of Life with a Healthy Body
  • Grow Through the Stages of Life with Grace and Good Health

"Very Effective in Producing Relaxation"

Masha Allah! Very helpful indeed. May Allah support this wonderful endeavor! I found this very effective in producing relaxation – something I certainly need more of. Thank you Ihsan.

— Hassan (United States)

Your Mind and Emotions

Without a daily meditative spiritual practice, life in the world, dunya, overwhelms us and the result is often a fog of confusion and a lack of direction.

Additionally, not having the tools and education to deal with the complexity of our own minds, we naturally seek to escape through entertainment, food and other forms of distraction and suppression.

However, ignoring and suppressing these imbalanced emotions and unresolved psychological traumas and fears only compounds them, and if they are not healed, will ultimately manifest as physical symptoms in the body with progressively greater consequences that cannot be ignored.

Yet the circumstances of life exist for a reason and a purpose. They are meant to take us deeper. Inward. Towards Truth and Reality. Towards freedom and peace, the likes of which are independent of external circumstances.

With Islamic Meditation, you will progressively develop in-dependence, meaning you will become increasingly less dependent upon external circumstances and situations for your happiness, safety and security, as you learn to tap into the infinite reservoir of divine light and love within.

As you learn to connect with your Source, you will establish a deep and powerful bond and root that cannot be easily moved by the world. Figuratively speaking, you become like a tree with roots deep in the earth, impervious to storms on the surface, not easily toppled or swayed.

With a daily practice of Islamic Meditation, you will learn how to develop crystal clear focus and mental calm, enabling you to concentrate and perform any task using the full potential of your mind (not just a fraction like most people), and become free of brain fog.

You will learn how to become emotionally intelligent, aware of what you are experiencing as well as the subtle experiences that give rise to your feelings, and how to instantly shift into a proper paradigm leading to happiness and joy, as well as how to naturally and automatically experience goodness and grace as a result of being connected to your Source, the Divine Presence of God.

With Islamic Meditation, joy and buoyancy naturally arise, and happiness and gratitude become your normal state of be-ing. In this beautiful and divine state of spiritual surrender, you live in and are "happy for no reason," meaning happiness is again your natural state of experience.

In this natural state of Fitra, all is well. Your Lord is with you, and you will know it.

  • Heal Your Mind and Your Heart
  • Experience Deep Inner Peace
  • Become In-Dependent
  • Learn to Live in a State of Joy and Gratitude
  • Develop Mental Clarity and Focus

"Truly Life Changing"

This program is truly amazing! Thank you for your efforts and may you be blessed!

Months ago, I suffered from a depression along with tensions in my body, and I started to explore different methods of meditation as I tried to get better. It was soothing, but there was always something missing. I needed the bigger picture, I needed to find truth, find the way back to Allah. So I came across this program — to say it was by accident would be naive.

Up until then I didn’t know that meditation was such a big part in the practice of Islam. I did the mini-course and later on enrolled in the program, and since then my life has just been better and better.

It has truly been life-changing. Tensions and depression are all gone, and I’m looking forward to continuing the program. Insha'llah with it we all can keep on getting closer to the Truth.

I just wish you all the best and that you keep helping people to change their lives as you do. May Allah bless you!

— Intuit (Sweden)

Your Family and Relationships

The true test of spirituality is in the health and quality of our relationships. Yet unfortunately due to the lack of education with regards to meaningful and loving relationships in our materialist-driven culture, compounded by the pressures of stress from the struggle for survival, our relationships are often undernourished and strained.

When we operate from a place of need and dependence, we are forced to seek satisfaction, wholeness, completion and happiness from others, and this quickly leads to destructive and unhealthy relationships that as time goes on cannot be sustained.

Yet when we give love, we receive it back manifold. This is the law of the Universe, and only when we operate from a place free from need, from a place of true in-dependence, is it possible to truly embody the Islamic ideal of a loving and conscious being present for others.

Through the Islamic Meditation Program, which includes extensive training and support, you will increasingly experience markedly improved relationships as you become internally whole and complete, no longer dependent or needful of others, and thus in a position to give bounteously from the fullness of your own being.

Only when we are internally healed, whole and complete are we able to actually express true love, and so naturally become the recipient of the love and goodwill of others.

The Prophet Muhammad (saws) stated that, "Paradise is at the feet of the mother," pointing to the immense responsibility we have as adults and as parents towards our children.

Now, I want to ask you something.

What do you want most for your children?

Is it not happiness? Does not every parent want for their children but true success and happiness?

Yet how can we give our children something we do not have? We cannot.

The truth and secret is that your children will inherit not what you want for them, but they will inherit your state of being.

Your children will inherit YOU.

To give the gift of happiness, light and love to your children, you must first possess these yourself. Your first responsibility is yourself. Only then can you save your your children.

With a life rooted in spirituality and faith, in wisdom and understanding, and in resilience and strength, you not only develop happiness in yourself, but also in those nearest and dearest to you.

The best thing you can do for others is learn how to take care of yourself and shift your own paradigm to truly reflect a reality based upon the loving kindness and grace of God.

The Islamic Meditation Program is designed to lead you step-by-step in developing a daily practice that will root and anchor you in the Eternal Divine Presence, and thus in true safety, security, peace, strength and joy.

  • Heal Your Family and Relationships
  • Lead by Example and Live the Path of Happiness and Joy
  • Become a Source of Selfless Love and Support for Others
  • Open Yourself to Receiving Love and Support from Others
  • Purify Your Relationships from the Toxicity of Need and Dependence

"Blessings for the Whole Household"

Salaams! I actually have meant to message you for the longest time now — I’m in the Islamic Meditation program, and have been for the last year or so!

Anyway, nine months back my little girl was born, and she’s definitely your youngest meditator, and a big fan of the meditations. Alhamdulillah, she loves it, and when she was really tiny, no more than a few weeks old, she really suffered with colic, but the meditations helped calm her and help her sleep.

I just wanted to share the barakah we have received from your work and say thank you whilst I have a few baby free moments to myself! So, here’s a big thank you!

— Hedeel (Dubai)

God Almighty has said, "I am to My servants as they expect Me to be."

— Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Your Money and Finances

Very often, conditions of persistent poverty or struggle are a result of improper models established deep within our psyches and subconscious. With such programs running in the subconscious, we unconsciously sabotage our own success, and avoid seeing opportunities for prosperity and abundance.

Yet Islamic Meditation is designed to heal and purify the mind at a fundamental level, and to bring your soul and spirit into alignment with the natural abundance and prosperity of the Universe, which is a result of the Infinity of the Divine Creator.

Allah Almighty is described by the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and the Holy Qur'an as the Most Loving, Compassionate, Generous, Giving, Supporting, Abundant and Limitless, yet life in dunya subconsciously erodes faith and true belief in a Kind and Friendly God and Universe.

It becomes essential and necessary to heal and correct this core operating paradigm, otherwise our results in life will never change, for Allah Almighty states in a Holy Hadith Qudsi, "I am to My servants as they expect Me to be."

With the Islamic Meditation Program and a proper daily meditative spiritual practice, you will become a magnet for prosperity and abundance by removing internal blockages and resistance that keep the endless flow of abundance from the Divine Presence of God from reaching you.

Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves.

— Surah ar-Ra'd (Holy Qur'an, 13:11)

Allah Almighty also says in the Holy Qur'an that we were created for divine service and spirituality, and that it is His responsibility to provide.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will begin to reclaim your divine purpose through spirituality and worship that leads to awakening and enlightenment, and so become naturally and effortlessly supported by the Universe and the Divine Presence.

By cultivating your connection with the Divine Presence, you increasingly open up to the flow of divine abundance which is continually seeking to reach you.

I created the jinn and human beings but for spirituality and divine service.

No sustenance do I seek from them, nor do I require that they feed me.

For lo! It is Allah Who is the Provider, the Lord of Power and Might.

— Surah adh-Dhariyat (Holy Qur'an, 51:56-58)

  • Dissolve Barriers and Resistance to Receiving
  • Naturally Attract Abundance and Prosperity
  • Purify and Perfect Your Paradigm
  • Pass On To Your Children the Gifts of Strength and Success
  • Grow Into a Positition to Help and Heal Others

"My Soul is Radiating Love, Gratitude, Light and Peace"

Assalamu'alaikum Ihsan. I wish to thank you and the Almighty  for sharing the wonderful gift that He has blessed you with.

Alhamdullilah, on completion of this wonderful course (a few weeks ago) I have emerged as a more knowledgeable Muslim connected to Allah and detached from the love of the dunya, and my soul is radiating love, gratitude, light and peace.

I sense my beloved Lord everyday in every way. This is what I have been searching for (living this pure, beautiful Islam).

Shukr, by the Grace of Allah I have effortlessly incorporated your guidance in my daily life. It’s absolutely glorious. SubhanAllah!

May Allah (SWT) continue to bless you and reward you abundantly in this world and the hereafter.  Insha-Allah!

You are always in my duas. Jazakumullahu khair!

— Nazmeera (South Africa)


Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

The Islamic Meditation Audio Experience

When first beginning a meditative spiritual practice, most people find it difficult to concentrate and sustain Presence.

That’s where an effective meditative audio soundtrack can be very helpful, especially when coupled with a guided narrative.

After studying meditation music for several months, we discovered the right combination of subtle melodies and Islamic percussion to gently and effortlessly enable a person to experience the benefits of meditation instantly, and with little instruction or experience in meditation.

By combining these unique audio tracks with the power of Dhikr, we were able to create some of the most unique and powerful, though subtle, meditative audio soundtracks ever produced.

Currently included in the Islamic Meditation Program are a total of 18 Audio Soundtracks.

  • 6 Islamic Meditation Audio Soundtracks
  • 6 Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks
  • 6 Heart Rhythm Meditation Audio Soundtracks

The Islamic Meditation Audio Soundtracks

Included in the Islamic Meditation Program are six standard Meditation Audio Soundtracks. Each of these unique soundtracks feature a unique Dhikr that corresponds to each of the weekly training lessons, as well as gentle percussion and ambient music, and are perfect to gently bring you into a state of relaxation.

In addition to using these audio tracks to facilitate meditation, you can also play them in the background at home or while working  to attract a calm and serene state of peace and tranquility in your environment, and to keep your mind calm and focused in the present moment.

The gentle dhikr and ambient music of the Islamic Meditation Audio Soundtracks are perfect for creating an space and environment that is filled with light, Divine Presence and the support of Allah Almighty's Angels.

"Very Relaxing — Wonderful!"

Assalamu’alaikum dear brother, I have been using the program since Saturday and masha’llah, I must say that I feel very relaxed when I use the meditations!

You and brother Daud have done a wonderful job. Your course is marvelous!

Alhamdullilah, may ALLAH always guide you and give you success. Ameen. Asalamu’alaikum!

— Hasib (Bangladesh)

The Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks

In addition to the standard Islamic Meditation Audio Soundtracks, we created an additional six Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks to even further facilitate the process of meditation, and to provide additional support and guidance for our members.

Each Guided Meditation Audio Soundtrack features a guided narrative that will help your mind and soul focus on each week's lesson, and will support you with positive reprogramming to counter the negative and fear-based programming we are continually bombarded with in our modern materialist culture.

The Guided Meditation Audio Soundtracks are a perfect compliment to the essential weekly lessons designed to help you shift from stress and anxiety into peace and clarity.

"I feel so much Love and Peace! Fear has flown out the window!"

SubhanAllah! Thank you for sharing this with us, Ihsan! Listening to these Heavenly Guided meditation audio tracks have opened up so much for me — it is incredible!

I understand now when you say Islam is Peace. I always knew the fact that Islam means Peace. But it drove home to me in these past couple of weeks and your article reinforced it! Ameen!!!

Shukr, Ya Rabbi Shukr! All I can say is that I am deliriously in Love! I feel so much at Peace, knowing now for certain that Allah (swt) is loving us so much, guiding us always to the best that is for us! Always with us, our very best Friend!

Our Lord’s Grace, fear has flown out of the window! Thank you Ihsan for all your efforts and Love, and helping in making a difference! May Allah (swt) bless you and Daud and all our families, and above all our beautiful Shuyukh! Ameen!!!

— Fatima (United States)

Heart Rhythm Meditation Audio Soundtracks

To take the Islamic Meditation Program and our user experience to the next level, we developed a unique and proprietary technology based upon brain-wave entrainment theory, which is designed to gently and safely induce deep states of meditation through resonance frequencies.

We call this unique audio technology Heart Rhythm Technology because it is designed to calm, quiet, still and surrender the mind, while awakening the potential of the heart and soul for consciousness and clarity.

Heart Rhythm Technology was developed exclusively for the Islamic Meditation Program, and is a powerful tool to cultivate spiritual presence and peace in your being. Even if you've never meditated before, simply put on a pair of headphones, sit back and relax, and you will be instantly transported into a deep state of meditation.

"A Very Powerful Vibration — Awesome"

Heart Rhythm Technology has a very powerful vibration.  I have sat in many Dhikr circles but this was awesome.

— Vector C.

  • Begin Meditating Easily and Effortlessly
  • Immerse Your Environemnt in Healing Sound Energy
  • Attract Positive Light and Blessings Into Your Life
  • Share the Joy of Islamic Spirituality with Your Family
  • Purify Your Mind of Subconscious Negative Programming

Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

An Evolutionary Learning Program

Simply creating a series of powerful Islamic meditative audio tracks was not enough. We wanted to create the best and most comprehensive educational training program on the subject of Islamic Meditation ever developed. And that’s what we did.

After nearly 20 years on the Islamic Spiritual Path, I am astonished at how few Muslims, even those who are actively pursuing the path of Sufism, know of and understand the divine depth and unique power of Islamic Spirituality.

Incredibly, very few yet realize the true potential of Islam and the Way of Islamic Spirituality to utterly transform a human being and his or her life.

As human beings, we have been created with incomprehensible potential, and only the spiritual path can fully unlock this latent divine trust and secret within each of us.

So with nearly twenty years of experience on the Islamic Spiritual Path, and the blessed experiences and opportunities I’ve had to sit and study with some of the most enlightened masters of Islamic Spirituality of our age, the Islamic Meditation Program was born.

In addition to a lifetime spent in Islamic Spirituality and the opportunity to leverage the experience of audio scientists, my background in Education Media Design and Technology enabled us to utilize leading-edge digital content creation platforms to create one of the most valuable learning opportunities ever developed.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will become part of an exclusive community of seekers dedicated to self-improvement and the cultivation of peace and prosperity not only in their personal lives, but in the world as well.

The Islamic Meditation Program includes six full weeks of video training and covers essential topics for your spiritual growth and personal development.

Islamic Meditation Course Schedule

  • Week 1: Deep Relaxation
  • Week 2: Affirming Truth
  • Week 3: Focusing Vision
  • Week 4: Divine Presence
  • Week 5: Transcending Self
  • Week 6: Way of the Prophet (saws)

Week 1: Deep Relaxation

The Islamic Meditation Program begins in Week 1 with Deep Relaxation. In this training module set, you will learn the importance of relaxation at a fundamental level, and how your body reflects your inner state.

By learning how to relax your entire being at a fundamental level, you learn how to enter into the state of Islam, thereby manifesting the inner character and structure of a true believer, one who is rooted and anchored in the Divine Presence of Peace and Light.

Through the deep meditation and relaxation taught in the Islamic Meditation Program, you will learn how to provide your mind and body the spiritual energy required for both physical and psychological health and well-being.

"Evolutionary Content — Grateful for this Beautiful Program"

This is so interesting! I am a licensed Massage Therapist and also studied healing arts that included vibration and sound healing. I am astonished that this program covers this aspect in which sound can help to heal and calm the mind and spirit.

May Allah continue to bless and spread this wonderful work.

Grateful for this beautiful program!

— Gabriela (United States)

Week 2: Affirming Truth

The Prophet Muhammad (saws) taught that all children are born in a state of purity and innocence, known as fitra, and that this is lost as they become programmed by the world around them.

In Week 2, you will learn the importance of Affirming Truth in order to purify your mind of negative programs and so come into alignment with the perfection, grace and harmony of Divine Will.

The subconscious programs that run in the background of our minds not only deplete us of energy and vitality, but they also sabotage our success in every area of life, including our health and wellness, family life and relationships, and in business and career.

The goal of the Islamic Spiritual path is self-purification, and with the Islamic Meditation Program, you will gain the education and the tools necessary to make quantum leaps forward in your personal growth and spiritual development that will then translate into success in every area of your life.

"Have Been Waiting Years for This"

Assalamulaikum, I have gone through several books and YouTube videos of great spiritual masters, such as Eckhart Tolle and Peter Russell. Especially the book “A New Earth” of Eckhart Tolle has had a profound impact in my belief system.

Then I came to watch brother Ihsan on YouTube. I thought it was that wonderful moment I have been waiting for for many years. If Allah wishes, the combination of  Islam and spirituality will cure the hearts of billions of people in this hectic time.

I am on the 2nd week now, and I feel that it has been too much divine gift for the small money I paid to subscribe the program. I pray the best for all who have made this effort a reality.

I sincerely pray and hope that this type of spiritual practice will become a common phenomenon in coming days. Ameen!

— Osman (Norway)

Week 3: Focusing Vision

The subconscious images that reside in our minds, which are often the results of our fears and wounds rather than our hopes and dreams, actually propel us towards the very things we want to avoid.

In Week 3, you will learn the importance Focusing Vision by purifying your mind of all negative images, and instead impressing upon the then blank slate of your being that possibilities that exist within your divine potential.

Your focus determines your reality. The Islamic Meditation Program is designed to give you back control over the one thing you can in fact control: Your Self.

The Universe is a mirror designed to teach you about yourself and your choices. Change your self, and your life, which is but a manifestation and reflection of your be-ing, will change automatically. At the root of your results is your self-image.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will learn how to exercise your free will to create real change and success in your life.

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change."

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Islamic Spirituality for the Modern World"

No words to say. A guide to Tasawwuf in a modern technical way. Masha'llah, may Allah bless this project and the people who worked for it.

— Muhammad (Abu Dhabi)

Week 4: Divine Presence

The Divine Presence of Allah Almighty is always Here and Now, always Imminent and always Present. Yet unfortunately, we are seldom present in the here and now so as to be able to experience the beauty and bliss of the Divine Presence.

Week 4 focuses on awakening to the Divine Presence by increasingly cultivating a state of pure present moment awareness by emphasizing stillness and internal spiritual surrender.

In any given moment, we are either in a state of internal resistance, which is caused by preoccupation with past and future, or in a state of internal surrender, which results in peace and serenity, fullness, wholeness and completion.

In a state of Presence, joy, happiness, gratitude and health naturally arise from your Be-ing. We created the Islamic Meditation Program not only to lead to happiness, but to your greatest divine potential in the Divine Presence of the Eternal, Almighty Allah.

"Reborn and New — The Presence of Allah with Me Always"

I feel Allah’s complete Love surrounding me, during the first time I listened to the meditation tape.  I love this and feel this through my day, every interaction is better than before.

I could and would not begin my day without it. Many times during the day I feel like my life has just begun. All my thanks, and may your life be blessed with all there is in heaven and earth for allowing me to be a part of this.

I have looked at many religions, searching for love and happiness. I have always loved my Catholic rituals — the rituals made me feel comfortable, but I love this new feeling of love and acceptance.

I feel completely reborn and new. And I feel the presence of Allah with me all day. May the peace of Allah be with you always!

— Jackie (United States)

Week 5: Transcending Self

It can be said that all psychological suffering is the result of the self, the ego-mind and its story of "me," which is often a long and drawn out drama of injustice and victimhood.

Yet by learning how to recognize the thoughts that arise from the ego-mind, surrendering attachment and not feeding them energy with identification, you progressively become free of their influence and the otherwise ceaseless negative mind-chatter eventually dies.

In this way, you "die" to the ego-mind and awaken to your soul potential: Pure and present awareness, clarity and freedom.

The Week 5 training module focuses on Transcending Self, which is the one veil between a human being and the Creative Source, and thereby increasingly awakening to the imminent and pure Divine Presence of God.

"Die before you die."

— Prophet Muhammad (saws)

"So Easy to Understand"

Salaam Ihsan and your team. Mashallah, you are so easy to understand. I have had a lot of teachers in my life but you are one of the persons who tops my list. May Allah grant you and us more deep knowledge.

I must say it has been a good week of training, and I am looking forward to next week. Best wishes!

— Edres (Denmark)

Week 6: Way of the Prophet

The Way of the Prophet (saws) is the path of selflessness, purity and excellence. In Week 6, we will learn how to absorb the perfected character and light of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws), who is known as the Seal of the Prophets, the last and final Messenger to humanity.

To truly understand, embody and live the spirit of Islam, we develop a spiritual relationship with the Holy Prophet (saws), and through this love and sincerity, we increasingly attract the grace, light and blessings of the Divine Presence.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will learn how to balance the best of modernity and modern science with the best of classical Islamic Spirituality, and thereby craft a balanced and whole personal path that will nourish your spirit and soul.

Think not of those slain in the Way of God as dead.
Nay, they are living, and with their Lord is their provision.

They rejoice in the bounty of God, and with regards to those who have yet to join them,
that upon they too shall be neither fear nor grief.

— Surah Aal-Imran (Holy Qur'an, 3:169-170)

"So Happy Inside — I Never Felt Like This"

Alhamdulillah, I have come to the final week and I must say that I feel so happy inside!

I never felt like this. There is always happiness within me and I feel that Allah is within me always. I am going to start my final week’s mediation from today insha’Allah.

Thank you so much brother Ihsan and Daud for showing this wonderful path to our Creator and our beloved Prophet (saws). May Allah shower His endless oceans of mercy upon you two!

— Hasib (Bangladesh)

  • Begin Meditating Easily and Effortlessly
  • Immerse Your Environemnt in Healing Sound Energy
  • Attract Positive Light and Blessings Into Your Life
  • Share the Joy of Islamic Spirituality with Your Family
  • Purify Your Mind of Subconscious Negative Programming

Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

Through the Islamic Meditation Program, you will have all the tools necessary to take your spiritual path and practice to an entirely new level of depth and practicality.

In this unique and revolutionary training system, you will learn an incredible amount of knowledge including, but not limited to, the following.

"Simply Mind-Blowing — Immensely Grateful for this Program"

I just wanted to first, again, echo what many others have said and say these truths and bits of wisdom you’re passing on are simply mind-blowing. Jazakum Allahu khairan to everyone who works hard to make this program available, and may Allah increase you all in tawfiq and spread these teachings widely…

I simply started doing short muraqaba after salah and adhkar — to let the dhikr “soak in,” as they say, and it is so refreshing, so deeply invigorating… and it’s been a long time since I felt this way.

I’m dealing with the day-to-day pressures with more peace and ease, consciously remembering Allah more from moment to moment. I look forward to my solitary time with Allah again… Allahu Akbar.

I just wonder why I never did this before… I am immensely grateful for this program, introducing us to a level of dhikr that so many of us didn’t even know would be possible for us… And I look forward to much more, insha’Allah!

— Umm Zain

What Are We Charging for this Incredible Program?

We’ve put a lot of work (and love) into this program, and although we’d love to give it away for free to everyone, not only would that be unfeasible, but we felt it would prevent most people from truly and fully benefitting from this program. In my experience, unless a person gives something, they will be limited in their ability to receive.

Really the question we had to ask ourselves is, what is the value of information? And perhaps more specifically, what is the value of information that can change, even save, a person’s life?

To better gauge the value of the Islamic Meditation Program, let's take a look at a few comparable models.

Online Education

In trying to figure out an appropriate fee for a course like this, we naturally looked at the online education model first.

Online education has been gaining in popularity over recent years, and with advances in technology this method of delivery has become very effective. Yet there’s one caveat. It’s very expensive. The average cost for a single course in an online education portal is about $2,600 (the entire degree at around $30,000). In fact, that’s how much I paid while working towards my graduate degree via the online education model.

And having experienced online education, I can say with certainty that the quality and value of the content we have created (and will continue to add to) far exceeds the standards of most online courses at undergraduate or graduate institutions offering this type of education.

Furthermore, while it normally takes dozens of classes at a normal educational institution to get a result (a degree), the Islamic Meditation Program is such that it can begin changing your life right away. Today. This week. Not years from now.

And the quality of change with the Islamic Meditation Program far exceeds what one could possibly gain from a university course, for with the Islamic Meditation Program you will learn the most valuable type of knowledge — knowledge of yourself — while the best a university education can offer is knowledge of physical phenomena and worldly affairs.

One can go through twelve years of schooling and eventually earn a PhD, yet what’s the point if at the end of it he or she is unhappy and miserable? Wouldn’t any rational human being value happiness over worldly success? Of course, except most still think worldly success will bring happiness. Yet in reality the exact opposite is true. Spiritual happiness in fact attracts worldly success.

The VALUE of learning you will gain through the Islamic Meditation Program is infinitely greater than anything you could possibly learn in a single college course. But $2600? Although the quality and depth of knowledge available through the Islamic Meditation Program far exceeds any single course I have ever taken, $2600 just seemed way too high and we knew it would prevent many of the people who truly needed this information from being able to afford it.

Seminars and Retreats

Next, we looked at the average costs for a short-term seminar, maybe at a personal development conference or a yoga retreat. Here, prices varied greatly, ranging on average from $500 to over $5000 (some well over $10,000!).

Again, I can verify this with personal experience because I’ve paid these amounts for seminars with valuable information. After all, how can you put a price on something that will change your life, especially when increased happiness and productivity can pay you back many times so?

But even at the low end of the spectrum, $1,000 for a weekend seminar, the price still seemed too high. And we really wanted to make the Islamic Meditation Program available to EVERYONE. We know that the information in this unique course is life-changing (actually, it’s afterlife-changing), and will help many people to reach a new level of happiness and joy in their lives, a greater degree of purpose and understanding, and the easing and elimination of suffering, pain, drama, stress, conflict and violence (at every level – psychologically, emotionally and physically).

Home Study Courses

Lastly, we looked at the average cost for compact home study courses, for example in the fields of personal development or financial advice. The average cost for a short-term home study course is around $300 to $1500 (and some higher).

And again, I can verify this with personal experience because I’ve paid this much for such courses. Yet the quality and value of the Islamic Meditation Program far exceeds any single home study course I’ve ever taken.

At the low end of this range, $500 seemed a lot closer and more reasonable, especially considering our goal to make this program available to everyone who could benefit from it.

The Value of Knowledge

In reality, such comparisons are not even close to understanding the value of the Islamic Meditation Program, because while most of the above mentioned programs offer information and training on how to improve the quality of this life, the Islamic Meditation Program teaches you how to improve the quality of your spiritual life, which transcends the limited amount of time you will spend on this planet. With the Islamic Meditation Program, practical benefits are a by-product of spiritual development, as it should be.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) consistently advised the Muslim to continually seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave, stating that one who died in the pursuit of knowledge would have the reward of a martyr who had given his life for Islam, and to go even unto China to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding (and this in an age where such travel would have been perilous and taken months).

Yet with the Islamic Meditation Program, the best of the world’s knowledge comes to you and can be experienced in the comfort of your own home! In this case, you do not need to go to travel across the world to learn (although we’ve made such journeys to bring this information to you).

What’s more valuable — to give a man a fish, or to teach the man how to fish? Give her a fish and she’ll eat for a day. Teach her how to fish and she’ll eat for a lifetime. With the Islamic Meditation Program, you become empowered. You learn how to get results in your life so that you are no longer dependent upon anything in creation — you become purely dependent upon the Creator.

What Did it Cost to Produce the Islamic Meditation Program?

We realized one way to look at the amount of value packaged into the Islamic Meditation Program was to ask, “What did it actually cost us to create this course?”

In seeking spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding, I have personally travelled across the globe over the last fifteen years, seeking to sit and learn from the greatest living masters of Islamic Spirituality. In addition to the tens of thousands of dollars spent in such pursuit, my journeys taking me to some of the most remote villages in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and even Afghanistan, the path of Islamic Spirituality has been my sole pursuit for the last fifteen years of my life, including a period of nine years spent in near total seclusion and isolation in the presence of a Shaykh of Tariqa, an Islamic Spiritual Master of the Way.

I’ve spent over $34,000 in graduate study, learning how to incorporate and design effective online and digital teaching systems. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses and seminars in psychology and personal development to better understand the divine depth and unique potential and effectiveness of Islamic Spirituality. And Daud and I have spent thousands on marketing training so that we could learn how to get this information to those who need it most.

I bring all this to you. A lifetime of experience in Islamic Spirituality that can save you a lifetime of time.

What would that be worth to you?

The Cost the Islamic Meditation Program

We decided that an appropriate price for the Islamic Meditation Program would be $497. But we still felt that this might be a stretch for some, especially those in countries where the currency exchange and the average income would make even this difficult. And we wanted EVERYONE to be able to afford access to this revolutionary — evolutionary — information.

Finally, we decided to set the cost of the Islamic Meditation Program, one of the most valuable educational opportunities a person will ever have with information that is not available anywhere else, at only $197.

For only $197, you can have lifetime access to the entire Islamic Meditation Training System, including all future updates and additions to the program.

People pay $2,600 for a single online course ($30,000+ for a degree), $1,000 to $10,000 for a retreat or seminar, $500 to $1,500 for a home study course, and all for dunya, worldly knowledge.

Would you not pay only $197 for an invaluable asset to your spiritual education?

Risk-Free Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

While we want everyone to be able to afford the Islamic Meditation Program, we realize that it may not be for everyone and that some may simply not be ready for the material in this course.

That’s why we’re backing up this program with a RISK-FREE UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If for any reason you do not feel that the value of this program was worth the price you paid for it, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

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Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Your enrollment in the Islamic Meditation Program is protected with a risk-free unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Should you feel this revolutionary course is just not the right fit for you, simply let us know within 30 days of enrollment and we'll happily refund your entire enrollment fee, no questions asked.

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Lifetime Membership via Secure Checkout at an Exceptional Tuition of Only $197.