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Thank You

Thank you for supporting us in supporting Islam and Islamic spirituality.

As human beings, as consumers, as individuals who make a difference with what we choose to support, whether it’s an international coffee chain by buying a mocha or latte, or a program or organization devoted to the revitalization of Islam and its honor, nobility, dignity and excellence, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Please donate any amount that you would like to contribute and that is not a burden.

Your support will enable us to continue in our work to help restore balance to contemporary Islamic practice, and to educate the public regarding the excellence of Islamic spirituality and its unique ability to guide humanity to perfection, awareness, consciousness and awakening in the Divine Presence of God.

It’s up to us to continue to move forward and to advance the understanding of Islam, not only for ourselves, but for future generations. Together, we can create change. Together, we can make a real difference.

And know that anything you give to support Islam and Islamic spirituality will be returned to you by God’s grace many times over, it’s reach extending far beyond, growing and multiplying, for supporting knowledge, education and scholarship is a continuous charity, a perpetual sadaqa. Thank you!